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January 4, 2013
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Tough Love by MLP-Silver-Quill Tough Love by MLP-Silver-Quill
Dear Princess Celestia,

It’s sad to say, but there are some in this world who think that kindness is the same as weakness. They think that they can do or say mean things because they can get away with it.

I feel sorry for them, because they don’t realize that it takes a lot more strength and courage to show kindness; and it’s not pretty when reality catches up to them.

With that in mind, I am pleased to report that Discord has agreed to not to throw the world in to chaos or make ponies unhappy or replace your bathwater with strawberry soda again.

Your faithful (and kind) subject,


This was not a work of free will. I was compelled-neigh-driven to draw this comic. The fan within me cried out for this the moment I read the synopsis for Keep Calm and Flutter On.

My favorite heroine and my favorite villain sharing an episode? This could either be fantastic or tragic. I'm not anticipating a lot of middle ground.

Realistically, I'm not sure what to make of the episode. I question Celestia's bizarre actions and wonder if this might be Discord's final appearance within the show. No way to know, but I'm eager to find out.

Fingers crossed for a good showing!

Update: I should take away that "Spoilerific!" warning, but I worked hard drawing Pinkie Pie, dang it!

Guess I can't say I called it on this one since the Stare was a no-go, but I would have been disappointed if the episode had followed my prediction down to the resolution.

All in all, I enjoyed the episode. This was one of Fluttershy's strongest showings because she wasn't flanderized as a scardy-pony or a volcano of rage. She took on a responsibility, stuck to it in the face of resistance, and showed appropriate anger at the situation.

And while Discord might be partially redeemed, he's not entirely a nice guy. His new outlook allows him to still be a trickester, but now he's not taken to the extreme of world domination. That gives the writing staff more flexibility (and John de Lancie a chance to reprise the role again).

And thanks once again to Equestria Daily for the support and activity spike. It's hard to believe this season is three episodes away from completion. It's been short, but very strong!
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splatter789 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Strawberry soda?
bh18 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014
Agreed, what's wrong with that?
splatter789 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Other than possibly staining her coat, nothing! Strawberry soda smells and tastes delicious!
zpotter674 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Hobbyist
This is the best thing oh my Celestia
ChocolatNinja Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014
Strawberry Soda-?
Nova-Lioness Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Student Writer
Hhahaha Fluttershy and the stare!
skramer123 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
Way to be the boss Fluttershy!!!
ronin6401 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014
Alternate ending for this comic:

(Fluttershy calls over her shoulder)
Fluttershy: hoo!  Boo hoo hoo!

(Discord hides atop a tree while a mob of rabid bronies armed with torches and pitchforks surround the base)
Discord:  Alright alright I'll be good now call them off already!
BoukunMeow Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
(Discord remembers that he's the God of fucking Chaos and turns all those fleshbags inside out with a mere snap of his fingers)
DBZFan12 Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Too bad it didn't work out like that. Apparently, since he's not an animal, her stare didn't work.
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