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Greetings from BABSCon!

Comic artist and Podcast host DarkDreamingBlossom :icondarkdreamingblossom: recently featured my OC in one of her comics. Since I can't add this to my favorites here on DA, I thought it only right to give a shoutout.

You can find part 1 of Silver Quill and the Spirit Kingdom over on her Tumblr. Hopefully more to follow!


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I became a My Little Pony fan in the latter part of 2011, well into the show's second season. As a latecomer, I'm in a strange situation. The online community is pretty unknown to me, and none of my local friends are fans.

I admire the creativity surrounding MLP, in both the show itself and the creativity of its fans. I created this account to focus my own expressions. Keep checking back and I hope everyone enjoys my drawings!



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rainbowwolf3 9 hours ago  Student General Artist
Hope you enjoy BABSCon, SQ.
jbhermo2 2 days ago  Student Artist
Your comic makes me tinker in my brain with the idea with my Alicorn, I feel that Clutterstep will have a tempting issue if he met mine.He used to be an earth pony but due to some chaos magic that stayed on him during his birth he was never shown love thus one night he found the most evil spot in all of equestrian and gave himself to it.
You sir are one of the few members of the brony fandom who isn't a complete moron
Storm137 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
I just wanna say I love your video's, even though I don't watch FIM too often anymore still find time to watch your after the fact vids..They're a lot of fun.
DarkDreamingBlossom 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist you're in my comic
MLP-Silver-Quill 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Whoa. Nicely done! And so quickly!
I was reading your "you shoved Dinky" comic when I realized...HOLY HORSHOES IT"S SILVER QUILL FROM YOUTUBE! sweet celestia your videos are awesome. I especially like your joke about the craziness of pairings in the Digimon fandom in your Simple Ways review as I was also and pretty much still am caught up in the digimon pairing scene. So yeah you're awesome and you're work is awesome. Keep being awesome  
DJpon3PONY 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Question: In one of your videos (I forgot which) you said something about BABSCon? So will you be attending BABSCon with a panel?
MLP-Silver-Quill 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yep. I'm slated to host After the Fact: Analysts on Friday at 12:45. Not long after Opening Ceremonies finish.
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