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After the fact: Appleoosa's Most Wanted
Hello Internet! Long time no see.

Back from vacation and got slammed with a cold pretty much the moment I was back in the States. Fun times.

Yet that didn't stop me from talking about Trouble Shoe's debut episode. What does his introduction mean for this cutie mark-themed season?

Find out here!

Update: Germany and several other countries have blocked this video due to musical copyright. Rather than confuse everyone by taking the video down and putting a new one up, I've created an unlisted alternative version for fellow fans to enjoy.
Imani - Part 9 by MLP-Silver-Quill
Imani - Part 9
<= Part 8| Cover | Part 10 =>

When you stare up at the clouds, what do you see?

I see things no human being should ever witness. o_O

Thanks for hanging in there with this comic. And to all the folks who mentioned Clutterstep when Trouble Shoes made his debut. Clumsiness loves company!


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So it seems that May is Diamond Tiara Month as she and her family play a role in this issue’s brew-ha-ha. But only as a partial instigator, which I think suites her role in the show better.  

Twilight is off and away to Canterlot to do royal business and to get out of the story’s way. She’s set up a special theme for Ponyville Days and left the Mayor in charge of everything. Apparently, this was a mistake because the Mayor is completely ineffectual at settling an argument.

The idea is the youngest member of Ponyville’s founding family shall be crowned princess for the celebration. Everyone including the audience thinks this will be Applebloom. Diamond Tiara accomplishes a trifecta by challenging the assumption. She gets to put herself in the spotlight, re-establish her family’s status, and stick it to Applebloom in one felled swoop. Very economic.

The town quickly splits down the middle as the ponies argue over what was the town’s true foundation: Sweet Apple Acres or Filthy Rich’s shop. And before you can say “et tu, Rarity?” even the mane six are divided.

This is a great example of how most arguments start. Individuals come together under a shared idea, but become bogged down in the details. Valid points are made on both sides and neither feels that they are being heard. Tempers rise, insults fly, and the community as a whole collapses.

While Rarity’s turn seems very shallow, it’s important to note that Pinkie only sided with the Apple Family for the promise of sweets. Applejack’s stubbornness and Rainbow’s bravado ensure that nopony is coming out of this with the moral high ground. Again, much like a real-life argument.

To be honest, I wondered if this comic would go the predictable route of Twilight returning in the second half to settle the matter or apply a magical third option. But not so! Twilight returns by the end of part 1 and can’t believe how the town has divided. In the aftermath of a rather bizarre battle, she can’t get the ponies to see past hurt feelings and bruised egos. This isn’t about the initial argument any more. It’s about what was said and done during the argument.

As we head into Part 2, only four ponies back the idea of re-unifying the town. My hope is that since Twilight and Fluttershy had to sit out a majority of this part they’ll have a more prominent role next time. I enjoyed this comic’s take on a group argument and the mistakes both sides can make. There a valid points, poor choices, and it serves as a mirror to real life. Definitely looking forward to Part 2!


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I became a My Little Pony fan in the latter part of 2011, well into the show's second season. As a latecomer, I'm in a strange situation. The online community is pretty unknown to me, and none of my local friends are fans.

I admire the creativity surrounding MLP, in both the show itself and the creativity of its fans. I created this account to focus my own expressions. Keep checking back and I hope everyone enjoys my drawings!



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nice Nimaru Art  Brony video on your site.  some of the stuff mention on the video remind me of when She-ra came out in the mid 1980s and some thought it odd that He-man fans would be into something more girly even though the basics of the story had a Robin Hood feel to it.
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